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Step 1

Add Peanut Blossom Kit to your cart

Add Peanut Blossom Cookie Baking Kit with Marshmallows to your shopping cart. 

Psst, good news! Your Peanut Blossom Kit will ship to you now. But you're not done, follow Step 2. 

Step 2

Pre-Order Holiday Collection Kit

Once you've added the Peanut Blossom Kit, pre-order your Holiday Cookie Baking Kit Collection.


Follow the steps such as selecting your preferred delivery date from the available options. 

Proceed to checkout.

Both items must be purchased in the same cart.


Step 3

Add Promo Code "halfway" at Checkout

Before you complete your purchase, be sure to add promo code HALFWAY to your order. This will ensure you receive your FREE Peanut Blossom kit (now) with your Holiday Kit pre-order.

And! You only have to pay once for shipping. 

Please note, only one promo code per order. 

Step 4

Complete your Purchase

You're almost done! Simply complete your purchase and voila, your Peanut Blossom Kit with Marshmallows will be sent shortly so you can enjoy now!

Questions? We're here to help! 

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