Ultimate Guide: Gifting Homemade Christmas Cookies

Are you giving homemade cookies this Christmas? Maybe to the sweet neighbor across the street, your child's very patient teacher, or even for the Amazon driver who you see more than your BFF during the holidays? But need a little Santa's helper to gift wrap your little morsels in a Pinterest-worthy, heartfelt package? We got you!

Here's our top 10 clever ideas to give homemade cookies (with no tape or gift wrap required!):

Can-do with canning jars

Mason and Ball jars remind us of our grandmas – homemade jellies, pickles made from cucumbers fresh from the garden, spiced apple rings, apple butter. Gifting cookies in jars are filled with warm, heart-filled memories. Simply stack cookies in the jar of your choosing (hint, make sure the opening is large enough to fit your cookies), close the jar, and adorn with a ribbon or a bow. How easy is that?

Pair with your favorite hot cocoa mix

Cookies and hot chocolate go together like a cheeseburger and fries, peanut butter and jelly, and a Coke and a smile. Gift 2-4 cookies (or more, who are we to judge?) with single-serve packet of hot chocolate. Stay traditional with hot cocoa – or mix it up with white chocolate, double chocolate, or salted caramel hot cocoa. Yum!

Beautiful and elegant antique plates

Treasure hunt antique plates at local thrift shops with precious patterns, ditzy florals, soft pastels, and intricate designs. Select a variety of plates to provide uniquely perfect gifts for family members, co-workers, or friends. Also makes a striking display at a cookie exchange party.

Cookies for Santa plate

Some may say the reason for the Christmas cookie season is jolly old St. Nicholas’ visit on Christmas Eve. A Cookies for Santa plate paired with homemade cookies is perfect for new parents, young kids, or the young-at-heart. Etsy has a large selection of customizable plates and trays for an extra special way to start a Christmas tradition for the little ones.

Put the cookie in cookie tin, literally

We love how cookies in cookie tins are so nostalgic. It’s no wonder - the origin of placing cookies in tins dates to the mid-1800s when biscuit companies began using tins to help preserve their sweet treat in one piece as they were transported. Tins come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns, and best of all, are practically pre-wrapped making gifting super easy. No scissors or tape required!

Char-cookie-rie board

Char-cookie-rie, charcuterie. Tomayto, tomahto. Take your cookie game to the culinary next level by creating a char-cookie-rie board with your homemade cookies. Choose a simple, circular wood platter or a wood board with a live edge. Makes a perfect hostess gift or your “I’ll bring” to a holiday potluck. For char-cookie-rie inspiration, check out our blog with ideas like a nutty, nutcracker-themed board.

Hug in a mug

What’s an everyday, household item conveniently shaped to fit circular drop cookies? A mug of course! Simply stack cookies inside the mug nestled in a napkin or tissue paper. Add a little personality by choosing a mug with a cute saying like hug in a mug, mom boss, or make today awesome.

Wrap in a dishtowel

After placing cookies in a box or in a plastic bag, wrap your morsel package in a cute dishtowel tying the ends in a cute topknot bow. Red and black buffalo plaid with a green sprig from your Christmas tree makes a sweet holiday gift.

Give with a Giving Plate

Truly the gift that keeps on giving. Inspire giving love and bringing joy to friends and family with the paying it forward Giving Plate. If you’re really creative, make a giving plate using a simple plate and a sharpie and personalize with the recipients’ names.

In a muffin / cupcake tray

The cousin of cookies are cupcakes, right? So it’s somewhat magical that the round molds of cupcake trays most excellently fit cookies! It’s also a clever way to gift a variety of cookies – which gives us “life is a box of chocolates” vibes. Simply place a different cookie into each cupcake mold. Wrap with plastic wrap, place in a shirt box, and gift!