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Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Baking It Real Kits!

We know elves like to get into a little mischief. Baking It Real Cookie Baking Kits provide all the fun and memories, without the mess!

Need Elf on the Shelf ideas this holiday? We know how challenging the holidays can be with all the activities, shopping, wrapping, cooking, entertaining, gifting, celebrating, and oh yeah working...and add an Elf on the Shelf to the mix with everyday antics that are Instagram worthy - phew, it's hard to fit it all in! We've got you covered! We thought it would be fun to come up with creative ways to use our Holiday Cookie Baking Kit Collection for your family's Scout Elf shenanigans.

NEW THIS YEAR! You can send a Holiday Cookie Baking Kit Collection box from your Elf to your Kids. We'll include a personalized letter from your Elf to your kids to add a special touch to the Elf on the Shelf tradition.

Click here to send a Cookie Baking Kit from your Elf here >

Easy elf on the shelf ideas:

  1. Elf Cookie Baking Kit: Send a Baking It Real cookie baking collection from your Elf with a personalized letter from your elf! (shop here)

  2. Elf Kissing Booth (with chocolates from Peanut Blossom cookie kit)

  3. Snow Angel Elf (using flour mix packet from a cookie kit)

  4. Sprinkle Snow Angel Elf (using sprinkles from Sprinkle Cookies cookie kit)

  5. Poopin' Elf (use the chocolate kisses from Peanut Blossom cookie kit)

  6. Whisked Away Elf (easy baking inspired idea! Use bowl and whisk baking utensils)

  7. Utensils Elf (easy baking inspired idea! Simply place Elf in utensils jar or drawer)

  8. Free Reindeer Poop (use the chocolate kisses from Peanut Blossom cookie kit)

  9. You are the Peanut Butter to my Jelly (use peanut butter from Peanut Blossom cookie kit)

  10. Sneaking Chocolate Elf (use the chocolate kisses from Peanut Blossom cookie kit)

  11. Let's Bake Cookies Tonight (use any cookie baking kit and place with bowl, spatula, and baking sheet)

  12. That's a Wrap - in the Kitchen (Decorate the kitchen with wrapping paper)

  13. Elf To-Do List (use any cookie baking kit and write your Elf's do to list for baking)

  14. Elf Brown "E"s (easy baking inspired idea!)

  15. Cookie Baking Night: Bake Sprinkle Cookies (using Sprinkle Cookies cookie kit)

  16. Cookie Baking Night: Bake Chocolate Crinkles (using Chocolate Crinkles cookie kit)

  17. Cookie Baking Night: Bake Molasses Spice Cookies (using Molasses Spice Cookies kit)

  18. Cookie Baking Night: Bake Peanut Blossom Cookies (using Peanut Blossom cookie kit)

  19. Cookies for Santa Plate on Christmas Eve Morning (using Baking It Real cookies)

Check out our photo gallery below for additional ideas!


Personalized Gift from Your Elf on the Shelf

Source: Baking It Real Kits


Cookie Baking Night

Source: Baking It Real Kits


Sprinkle Snow Angel Elf

Source: (Pinterest)


Whisked Away Elf

Source: Paperheartfamily (Pinterest)


Let's Make Cookies for Santa

Source: Andrea Smith (Pinterest)


Elf To Do List

Source: Elfontheshelf (official website)


Goodbye Kisses Elf

Source: Ashley Eels (Pinterest)


Poopin' Elf

Source: Hip2Save (Pinterest)


Let's Bake Cookies Tonight

Source: Elfontheshelf (official website)


Free Elf Kisses

Source: Recipemag.ik (Pinterest)


Elf in Kissing Booth

Source: thefunnybeaver (Pinterest)


Egg-cellent Elf

Source: Savannah (Pinterest)


Free Reindeer Poop

Source: elfideashop (Pinterest)


Baking Brown "Es"

Source: Elfontheshelf (official website)


Sneaking Chocolate Elf

Source: (Pinterest)


That's a Wrap (in the Kitchen)

Source: elfontheshelf (official website)


Hulk Smash Elf

Source: Anna Elias (Pinterest)


Don't Judge Me Elf

Source: Katie Ekholm (Pinterest)


Oven Helper Elf

Source: iheartnaptime (Pinterest)


Elf-size Hershey Kiss

Source: bee-ingmommy (blog)


Christmas Eve Cookies for Santa

Source: Katie Ekholm (Pinterest)