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Chocolate Crinkle Cookies: 5 Fun Ideas

We know a lot of people who love Chocolate Crinkles cookies (ourselves included!). They’re soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. They’re both brownie and cookie combined in each and every bite. Perfectly rich and fudge-y with a crackle coating dusted in powdered sugar. With the Baking It Real Chocolate Crinkles cookie baking kit, you'll have all the ingredients, pre-measured on-hand so you can quickly get to baking - and gifting, and partying, and enjoying! All you'll need are eggs and oil!

Chocolate Crinkles are an absolutely, deliciously decadent cookie that can be savored all year round. Here are a few ideas we love!

Lumberjack themed party

Plaid flannel shirts, check! Young and old alike love a lumberjack themed party. For a special twist, place wood discs purchased from a craft store on a checkered tablecloth – or – use scrapbook paper like we did for a super simple and cheap decoration hack to create a centerpiece. Put a cookie (or two) on each disc for guests to grab. If your discs are not food quality, use little squares of wax or parchment paper as a buffer (or cupcake wrappers)!

Gift in a glass jar

Wide-mouth glass jars make the perfect container to give homemade cookies. We love how the chocolate brown and crispness of the white powdered sugar of the Chocolate Crinkles look deliciously amazing in their own glass menagerie. Simply add a pop of color with a ribbon and voila, instant gift!

Strawberry milk shooters

Strawberry milk with Chocolate Crinkles? Yes, please! Nothing beats a tall glass of milk with a plate of cookies, except perhaps if the milk and cookies are served as cute milk and cookie shooters. These are especially adorable and perfectly sized for baby showers, bridal showers or a brunch buffet.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Sandwiches

We know the go-to cookie variety for cookie sandwiches tends to be chocolate chip cookies or sprinkle cookies, however, have you ever tried Chocolate Crinkles? It may be life changing. Chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, or candy-cane flavored frosting layered between two cookies are delicious. Can’t decide? Create a char-cookie-rie board with cookies and different fillings for guests to create their own cookie sandwich.

Casual twist on chocolate covered strawberries

Our version of chocolate covered strawberries gives the delicious pairing of chocolate and strawberries but without all the pomp and circumstance. Every day is a special occasion to enjoy chocolate and strawberries!

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